Serif / Seraphim, Out of Emptiness

Schrierís interest in the power of vacant space led to a series of cut steel works; calligraphic, human-like forms of Hebrew words of significance that are visualized through the empty space within them. The Kabalistic stacking of letters to form a figure, Sifirot, the art of early 20th century paper cutting, and micrography (the miniaturization of tractates formed to resemble living organisms) are prominent influences in Schrierís calligraphic works. Shadows from the painted steel panels result in the figure/words projected as light.


Left to right: Joy / Wisdom / Soul / Love



Serif/Seraphim, Selected works emphasizing light and Shadow:

Compassionateness                                         Righteousness                                                Knowledge


Serif/Seraphim, Selected works emphasizing color:

Joy                                                                       Love


Soul                                                                       Wisdom



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