In these large scale assemblage works damaged Lepidoptera wings flank a female form generated from photographs of ‘Synagoga’, a recurring theme in medieval and gothic cathedral facade statuary; (‘a graceful forlorn figure with falling crown, blindfolded, downcast, staff broken, carrying a shattered or down turned law (tablets), allegorical representations of Judaism’). “Synagoga’ figures were also employed in stained glass, manuscripts and frescoes and were intended as critical representations of Judaism that at times inflamed anti-Semitism. Schrier calls attention to this politically motivated religious art form, while visually elevating the victimized “Synagoga” representations with wings. The series reflects the artist’s penchant for the use of the most ordinary of materials to express complex content.

Crystalsynagoga, 6’ X 9’

Crystalsynagoga: detail

Shattered styrene, acrylic and glass on speckled formica laminate,  fragments from burnt prayer books from Eastern Europe inset with reproduction on vinyl and acrylic of Synagoga stone sculpture from Trier, Liebfrauenkirche (west portal), c.1250.


Hidden and Scattered, 6’ X 9’

Rug padding fused with handmade paper of broken leaves and page fragments of burnt prayer and Torah books from Eastern Europe; electric light under acetate reproduction of Synagoga stone sculpture from Strasbourg Cathedral, c 1230.


The Very Last, 6’ X 9’

Ripped burlap on glitter felt with fake fur, pipe insulation, weed barrier cloth, unraveled rope, knotted fringe tied in  traditional tallit configuration. Double overlay of yellow slipcover vinyl with burnt edges. 


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