Peekskill, NY: November, 2010 - March, 2011 

Jeffrey Schrier’s seven foot high paintings are infused with luminous impressions of Hudson River environs and are intended to imply Creation stories across a cultural spectrum: light emerging out of darkness, form out of chaos; the sprouting of life.


Between 2006-2015 Schrier created eighteen works in response to extremist / fundamentalist pronouncements that the natural disasters of our past decade were divine retaliation. Schrier worked outdoors in storms on flood stained expanses of archival paper to directly involve natural forces in his process of creation.


Video by Nick Cannell 


Selections from the ten exhibited works, each, 50 1/8” X 85", acrylic, river clay, rain & aerosol on flood stained archival paper, occasional organic material



  Wave                                                                              Windlash





Hidden Light: Ohr Ha-Ganuz


The works are enhanced and damaged by wind, rain and hail. Rips and tears along the edges or corners are sometimes gilded or embellished, based on kinstugi, the Japanese tradition of fusing cracked ceramics with a gold vein, thus transforming damage to treasure. 

The works reflect tensions between dynamic environmental states of being, human interpretations of cataclysmic natural events, and the artist’s internal experience at the time each work was executed.

Throughout the series, the vast range of application of paint expresses the visceral involvement of the artist with his world.

Exhbition sponsors: Steel Imaginations @H-Art and Hudson River HealthCare Inc, serving the Hudson Valley and Eastern Long Island, NY.


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