Vienna, June 23, 1938

Dearest Rosa:
    Many thanks for your effort, at the same time I will thank dear Emil also. If Erwin could leave, I would lose a great heartache, because what is going on here, is more than abducting people, it is more cruel what you can imagine. But complaining does not help, it does not change the issue. Many of our relatives have been apprehended already, and who know what will happen to them. A friend received a printed postcard a week ago from Dachau that he might come to get the urn with the remains of his son. He was handsome 26 year old man, who was shot when supposedly he tried to escape. Dachau is a place which frightens everybody. As you from from Jenny, one can not write everything. Goering gave a speech that the Jews should be destroyed bloodlessly. He lets come true what he said. 
    I hope you are all well. Alfred has not seen his doctor for the last two weeks. Who is afraid of dying today? It is only too welcome. If one only knew his children to be in another country. It is horrible to be driven from one's home, and to go into the unknown. How will they paid back who that about doing that. The consul here says he cannot visas for Chechoslowakia, it has do be done from there, the answers one gets are so varied. 

I greet and kiss you dear Rosa and the children,
                                                                               Your Irma